What we do

At Brine Fox Drilling Company, we offer the best fleet services, underground drilling, welding… Our Fleet services includes,

  • Jack-Ups
  • Semi-submersibles
  • Drillships

Brine Fox Drilling Company has been a leading innovator in jack-up drilling rigs for 12 years, and today we hold the leading position within the high efficiency segment.

Brine Fox drilling company Jackups

At Brine Fox Drilling Company, Our highly advanced deepwater development semi-submersibles are capable of operating in ultra-deep water up to 3,000 m. They offer both flexibility and

Brine Fox Drilling Company Semi-sumerge

Brine Fox Drilling Company is on its way to become a significant contractor in the ultra deepwater segment with four drillships that can operate at depths that exceed 3,500 m.

Brine Fox drilling company Drillships